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Jrock Life - Chapter one

Lets imagine that Gazboys, Mana, Bou and Gackt lived in the same street:
The main character in the street would be Kai. He is the main gossip-boy who always knows everything, because he is doing his best. Particularly, he always runs from house to house, from window to window and checks what is happening. He mustn’t miss a thing! Doing that he wears his beloved knitted vest, a gift from Ruki, and Tweety fluorescent slippers that make sound as you walk, but one doesn’t work because of all that running. He rarely sleeps. And when he does, he sleeps eyes-opened and rested upon a window. His house is always in mess because he has no time to clean it up.
His best friend, who is not very willing to take part in all of that, is Mana. Kai always writes down everything in a diary with a small key and reads it to his best friend. Mana is always a special guest on Kai's birthday parties! And Mana's house's doors are always opened for Kai. Mana never really told Kai that, but Kai knows. That's why Kai never knocks when he comes to tell Mana the news. Even in a middle of a night when he figures out that he lost his diary,  he goes to Mana and makes him to dictate him everything, while he writes a new one (Mana knows all Kai’s diaries by heart). Mana just hates every season excecpt autumn. Then Kai helps everyone in the neighborhood, so he can overhear everything. At least then Mana can enjoy the peace and silence. Mana will never forget, when one night Kai was really scared and he came to Mana to sleep with him. Mana could not sleep that night, because, while sleeping, Kai held him like a teddy bear. So Mana sat up all night listening to Kai’s declamations about things, which he forgot to tell him when he was awake. And once, when Kai wanted to gather some informations about Uruha, but he was afraid because Uruha was troublesome, Mana had to squat in front of Uruha’s house and research.
There isn’t much to say about Uruha. He is just a big collector of underwear. When there wasn’t anymore space in his own house, he decided to, from now on, to put all underwear in Aoi’s shanty, which we’ll talk about later. What Kai wanted to know, was  about Uruha’s Cat. Uruha found it once and decided to keep it. He told no one about that, but at the end Kai found it out. In his free time Uruha was trying to teach his Cat to play catch-ball. He would throw a ball, but the Cat would just throw a look at it, so Uruha had to go for it anyway. But, he didn’t quit. Once, when he thought that his life is lonely and boring, he thought about moving into Gackt’s house, but Gackt chased him out with a shooter.
Gackt has had a shooter since he caught Kai while he was using his outside-toilet  and since then he chased every intruder. Kai was caught because he was hurrying to finish the little job as not to miss a thing. Because of that he tripped, fell and screamed and so Gackt discovered him. Since then it’s dangerous to get near Gackt’s house. Kai wanted Gackt to join him and Mana, but Gackt refused it without even thinking.
Kai, and so the others, had to use Gackt’s outside-toilet, since Reita tipped over his own, when he figured out that everyone uses it. Except for Uruha, who had his own bathroom. After overturning his toilet, Reita bought himself a chamber-pot. Now he sits on it on front of a TV watching 釘Builder Bob・. Later, he will empty it in Ruki’s greenhouse. Mana was the only one who knew everything about Reita's potty. Reita was sure that Mana wouldn’t tell anyone. Mana isn’t really happy about it. There is one funny fact about Reita. One summer, Reita caused a shock with his swimwear. That summer, everyone admired his green one-part bath-dress with cherries and beans on it. He suited it with green rubber sandals, that made sounds and flashlights just like Kai’s slippers. There were pictures on them, but Reita replaced them with Ruki’s provocative photos.
Although everyone had problems since Reita overthrew his toilet, Ruki's vegetable patch developed amazingly. Even tomatoes and strawberries became tastier. He went farming and he was doing great, until Reita built a bathroom in the house. Then Ruki returned his previous life. He spent all day knitting in a rocking-chair muffled in some of his own work, listening to the radio. But thanks to that, he was the only witness of Kai’s actions, because he watched him through the window almost all the time. Ruki knew even something that Kai didn't. Actually, Ruki is the only one in the street, who knows that Aoi is being chased by woodmen, beside Aoi himself of course.
Now- Aoi. Well his life is the most pathetic. Woodmen were chasing him, because he always destroys one forest a year preparing wood for winter. But even beside it, his life is the worst. Since Uruha took his shanty, Aoi doesn’t know where to put all that wood. That’s why he keeps it all outside, but it gets wet all the time. There's always cold in his house. Sometimes he tries to warm the wood up, but it just doesn’t work. That’s why he spends his nights squeezed under a blanket  peeing in  underwear in order to warm himself up. Kai saw him doing that one night through the window and felt sorry for him, so he went to Reita’s outside-toilet, took toilet paper and tucked it to Aoi. Thereupon Reita decided to tip over his toilet.
When Bou moved in the neighborhood, Kai was the most interested in him. They became friends very quickly. Then Kai postponed Mana, who was more than happy about it. But once Bou bought Kai new slippers and Kai took it as offence, so they are friends no more. Bou got mad, so in order to get revenge, he stole Kai’s vest and gave it to Gackt, who burned it, and also Kai’s slippers, which he ate. That was a very bad experience for Kai. His heart broke, but his neighbors took pity on him and they bought him totally new Chinese sneakers and Ruki knitted him a new vest.
This is the main description of charachters, but their lives are far more interesting than this. Stay with us and you will see! To be continued...



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