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Jrock Life - Chapter two

Our story begins one early spring.
There was quiet and peaceful in the street. Everything was just like always.
Suddenly, Kai had to pee! He decided to use Gackt’s outside-toilet, just like usual. Gackt was at work, anyway.  But, while he was inside, doing the little job, he left door opened so that he could see what is happening in the street. Although that day was peaceful, Kai didn’t let guard down. And so he really thought that he saw something, so he ran as to see what was happening. And, while he was running, his pants and underwear fell on the street. But, he didn’t notice that and he just kept running down the street.
But, Uruha, remember – he is a big collector of underwear, scented that so he ran out of his house as to pick up Kai’s underwear before he notices anything. But, he tripped and, at the moment when he grabbed Kai’s underwear, he was hit by car. It was Nao, who stared at Kai asking himself:” Where is Kai going gussied up like this?” But, Uruha wasn’t dead. He just should be taken to hospital on the time. So, Kai and Nao picked Uruha up and threw him in the back of the car. But, Kai didn’t want to leave Mana, so he ran into Mana’s house to ask him to come with them. But, when Kai ran into his house, and when Mana saw him half-naked, he hid behind a chair and started to shout:” Don’t come near me, you maniac! Evil came into you! Don’t come near me, you Satan!” Kai was stupefied, but he convinced Mana to come with them. He told Mana that, if he stays home, Kai will have to tell him everything when he is back. So everyone sat in Nao’s car and hurried up to hospital. Mana was sitting on the back seat, and Kai was sitting by Nao on front seat. Kai was still half-naked, because he could not take his pants from Uruha’s squeeze. Uruha squeezed Kai’s pants because he got cramp when he was hit. Mana suggested Kai to get another pants, but Kai was afraid that they would leave him, so he didn’t take Mana’s advice.
When they got there, they hospitalized Uruha right a way. But, they left him in sector for old people, where he was with other J-rockers, whom were also hit by Nao. While waiting, Mana found some pants for Kai, and Nao mistook coffee machine with candy machine. Although, he didn’t understand why they had only hot chocolate and why it had a strange taste. The three of them spent a night in hospital, waiting for Uruha to wake up. Mana was reading newspapers, Kai was watching what Mana is reading, and Nao was sitting wide awake because of all that “hot chocolate”.
About 5 o’clock in the morning, Uruha woke up, so they could go in to see him. They should go in one by one, but Kai didn’t want to miss anything. They were with him really long. When it was about 10PM, Kai decided to visit Ruki at his workplace. Ruki was also gynecologist, by the way. Of course, Kai took Mana with him. But, when he was in front of the Ruki’s door, he thought that he heard Reita’s voice inside. He came in, immediately, to check out. Reita really was inside. Actually, he came to visit Uruha, because Ruki told him what happened, but he misunderstood in which sector Uruha was. So, Ruki tried to explain him. At the end, Kai took Reita to Uruha’s room. But, he left Mana behind and Mana got lost in sector for kids.
For Kai’s and Nao’s little cousins Mana was really interesting. They told him to squat and then, they put buckles in his hair and made him stems. Then, they brought him a chair so that his legs don’t hurt. Mana didn’t know that chair was just painted. A half-our after Kai ran in, obviously worried.  He got relieved when he found Mana. Mana stood up, but Kai noticed that Mana was stained, thanks to the mirror behind him. So, he took Mana’s hand and went to the toilet, to wash Mana so that he doesn’t disgrace him. But, they never got to the toilet. Ruki stopped them, and asked them to help him to fix ultrasound machine, which Reita broke stretching it through the window, because he thought that it’s an alien-communication machine.
In Ruki’s office, Reita found a pack of tampons, and he thought that those are candies, so he brought them to Uruha. But, Uruha got jaw-cramp when he bit one. Because it was old-people sector, there was TV with Mexican soap-operas, and everyone was glad because of that. But, a problem appeared. Reita wanted to watch “Leti La Fea” and others vote for “Rebelde”. Reita got mad, so he turned back from the TV. But, when he heard other laughing, he turned again, and realized that it’s not that bad TV-Show, so he laughed too.
When they fixed the ultrasound, Mana and Kai left, and Ruki played, just like he used to. When he has no patients, Ruki likes to play with instruments in his office, acting like he is the patient. Maybe isn’t Reita the one who broke the ultrasound?! But, then Gackt came in. He also works at hospital. He is nurse. He was on duty whole that week. Ruki’s game seemed funny to him, so they played together until Ruki left home, when his shift was over.
While everyone watched “Rebelde”, Kai and Mana jumped over the rubber band on balcony of Jrockers’ room. Kai stood in a corner, because of his fetish, and Mana had to stand near the barrier. When Kai turned to see what is happening in the room, Mana fell over the barrier in a back of Nao’s car. Nao didn’t notice Mana, so he closed him and went home. When Kai saw that Mana is gone, he first looked over the barrier, but because he didn’t see anything, he thought that Mana ran to come back. But, when Mana didn’t show up, Kai started to panic. First, he grabbed Ruki and Gackt because he was used to hold someone’s hand, and then he phoned the police. When police went to look for Mana, Kai told to Ruki and Gackt (but he was speaking more for himself):” Poor Mana! Now he is somewhere alone, and scared, and bored without me. Just let him get back alive and healthy! Later, I may write a book “The mysterious disappearing of Mana-sama”. Do you think he would like it?” But, Ruki and Gackt discussed about the thing they just saw on ultrasound!
When Nao came home, he decided to wash his car. Problem was the fact that water gets in the back of the car always when he washes it. Poor Mana! He didn’t give any clue of his presence, because he didn’t know who does car belong, so he was afraid. But, his hair got all wet, and his make-up blurred, you couldn’t recognize him. He was also afraid that, if water doesn’t stop, he would get drawn. But, luckily, it stopped. When Nao opened the back of the car to get water out, (he usually gets it out by opening it and driving uphill) and when he saw a little, black creature squeezed inside, he immediately closed it and ran to hide in Aoi-Uruha’s shanty, screaming. Then Mana realized that he must get out of there as soon as he can, so he started hitting with both his arms and legs in order to make someone hear him, and let him out. Aoi, who was in his backyard, hanging dishes on string in order to dry them, heard him and let him free. Mana embraced Aoi and ran in his (Mana’s) house and relaxed in nice, warm bubble bath. Later, when he realized that Kai wouldn’t come home soon, he thought that he should do something evil. He took mud and smeared Kai’s windows, so that he would have to miss at least something, while cleaning them.  
About 7AM, Ruki and Kai came home by bus. You can’t describe Kai’s happiness when he saw Mana waiting him in front of his house!!! (He had just finished with mudding his windows) Kai ran as faster as he could and fell into Mana’s arms. Then, he invited him for a cup of tea, and told him that he will let him to wash off his windows.
At that time, there was quiet in hospital. Reita, who lied in Uruha’s bed so that he can watch TV in more comfortable way, fell asleep and Uruha got cramp and he couldn’t move Reita. Uruha also couldn’t turn off the TV, because Reita would wake up. So, he called Kyo, one of Nao’s victims, to help him to move Reita. But, since Kyo is just a half of Reita he had to put him in wheel chair and drive him away. He left him in pregnancies-sector. When Kyo got back, Uruha’s cramp broadened from hand, which Reita lied on, on whole body, so Kyo had to give him a massage – walking on him – so that he relax.
But, the problem was that Reita was used to somnambulate. He stood up and, since it was cold, he took some coat, and started to walk around. He thought that he should bring some flower to his colleges, but instead, he took babies and gave them away. Then he went to Ruki’s office, and lied by Gackt, who fell asleep on bed for patients. They both left there until morning.  
In the morning Nao, Kai, Mana and Aoi came to pick up Uruha, who should be let out that day. They also drove Ruki to work. But, when they arrived, they saw that there’s a chaos in hospital because, somehow, babies disappeared from pregnancies-sector and were found in old people-sector. Guilty was, almost, credited to our poor Jrockers’, but when they convinced doctors that they just woke up with babies in their beds, the one who got credits was Gackt, because he should be on duty that week, remember? But, everyone was shocked. Reita just couldn’t believe:” Are there maniacs like that in this world? Don’t they have hearts, when they play like that with little, innocent babies?” Uruha was nervous, because baby slept on his hand:” Whoever did this, may him got cramp!”
Then Aoi, Nao, Mana and Kai took Uruha to Nao’s side-car. We’ll neglect the fact that Nao usually drive pigs in it. They brought Uruha down – Aoi holding his legs, and Reita holding his arms - and threw him in on 1, 2, 3. Then they went home. Gackt also left with him, because he was suspended.
Since it was weekend, hospital was emptier than usual. Reita stayed to make Ruki company. They decided to play chasing each other. But, while Ruki chased Reita, Reita turned as to see if Ruki is catching up with him and crashed into extinguisher which was hanged on wall. Ruki started to panic! He shook Reita, but he didn’t respond. Ruki tried to hear if Reita breaths, but on wrong place, and he didn’t hear anything. Yaw, what should he do? It’s certainly his fault. He had to find help from someone, who he can trust to. He called Kyo. Since those two are as whole Reita, they had no problems to pick him up and carry him to Ruki’s office. They left him there and walked toward door but, suddenly, they got an idea. They closed the door and started with “Reita makeover”. They painted his nails, shaved his legs, did him a make-up, and then wrote him tattoos like “Ruki + Britney Spears” and “Kyo + Hannah Montana”… When they got bored, Kyo went back to his room, and Ruki went home.
At that time, Uruha was in bed with high temperature and cramps. Mana was making him a tea, Kai was putting casing on his forehead, Gackt was giving him a massage because of cramps, and Aoi was putting newspapers with oil and potatoes on his legs. When Ruki came back, he joined them and in the evening, Uruha was healthy again.
Next morning, Reita woke up on bed in Ruki’s office. Although nothing was clear to him, he didn’t think a lot. He just went home. When he was passing by Ruki’s house, he saw him through the window while preparing coffee. But, he thought that he is drowsy because of all that vaporizations in Uruha’s room yesterday. He just shook away with his head and got back to work.
Everything was peaceful in the street once again. But, the first days of spring didn’t left our guys apathetic. Sun leaded them all out in new adventures. Everyone beside Kai – he is always outside. Stay with us and you will see.



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